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This site is meant for members of David's "The Hoarfrost Invasion" Campaign. The Hoarfrost Invasion is a world-spanning Dungeons & Dragons adventure campaign for characteres of levels 3-15, written and designed by David Hoctor.
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Who We Are

Dungeon Master

Human Bard

Orist Gladewalker

Elf Druid

Casúr Wulfsrun

Human Barbarian

Ralni Allerton

Human Ranger

Kin Realmwright

Human Wizard


Elf Rogue

What We Do

Hoarfrost Invasion game room

About The Hoarfrost Invasion: The continent of Ailartsua has been invaded by an evil force that is rapidly spreading from the north; threatening to cover the entire planet in frozen death. The threat is so dire that the great spirits are tampering with time and fate to protect their mother planet. They have found your party to be key threads in the fabric of fate and have decided to gently redirect you down an alternate path, in hopes of stopping the Hoarfrost Invasion. They dare not tamper too strongly with the strands of fate, for fear of worsening affairs, and perhaps even detrimentally alter time and space for ever.

About the Dungeon Master: I began romping through fantastical worlds created in the Dungeons & Dragons universe before many of you actually existed in this one. I still have some of the original war-torn TSR (Tactical Studies Rules, Inc.) D&D books we used in the late 70s and early 80s. I have been a devout participant in the evolution of Gary Gygax’s original design through multiple versions and multiple publishers over the years. There was a brief fling with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game related to the release of D&D 4.0 but D&D 5E has won me back for good!

How We Do It

Character Generation
Race, Class, Equipment, etc.: Limited to the Player's Handbook, Volo's Guide to Monsters, and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Include Background, Personality , Ideal, Bond, and Flaw attributes.
Ability Scores: You must start with; 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8
Level: Characters start at level 3. Max hit points at new levels.
Alignment: CG, NG, or LG only.
Starting Wealth: 100gp for character generation only! Characters will start adventure with a few gp each (assigned by DM) so spend as much of the 100gp as you are able.
In Ailartsua: 1 gold coin = 10 silver coins. Gems are frequently used for coin. Little to no copper is used.
Background Story: The player characters in the party should be role-played as: good, cooperative, loyal, life-long friends, with shared goals of becoming Heroes to the people... and should they gain wealth, fame, and power along the way all the better! Any further background detail is up to Player's creativity and imagination! Read paragraph block below for starting background.
Starting Background: You all grew up in or around the town of Small Castle and as childhood friends, you often fantasized of traveling the world together. After being separated by years of training in your respective classes, you’re once again reunited. You are gathered around a large table in the Corn Tassel Inn where you all said your goodbyes over five years ago...
Resources: I reccomend using Hero Lab to create your character. If you don't have access to it then printable character sheets can be found here.
Hoarfrost Invasion Adventurer's Guide
Ailartsua Map
Selaw Map
Miniatures, dice, and sundry supplies: | Reaper Miniatures

House Rules
Altitude Sickness: At 8000 feet (2438 meters, 1.5 miles) individual characters must succeed on a DC 20 Constitution check or suffer an exhaustion level increased of 1. For every additional 500 feet and every 30 minutes of physical activity characters must succeed on a DC 14 Constitution check or suffer an exhaustion level increase of 1.
Cleaving: When a melee attack reduces an undamaged creature to 0 hit points, any excess damage from that attack might carry over to another creature within reach if the original attack roll could hit it.
Disengage: It is only possible to Disengage from a single target, and only if the target creature is simultaneously in melee combat with other friendly creatures.
Encumbrance: Based on size of objects not weight, within reason. No coin weight.
Healing: Short Rest: Consume 1 healer’s kit (1 gp levels 1-5, 5 gp levels 6+) for every Hit Dice used. Long Rest: If bloodied; regain 0 Hit Dice.
Inspiration: DM may reward players with inspiration dice for especially entertaining and/or clever roleplay, teamwork, and creative planning.
Leveling: Leveling is milestone based. Max Health when leveling.
Maneuvers: Disarming attack: Held items do not include weapons (I know, right?)
Material Components for Spells: The cost for material components is 1gp x level of the spell per use for all spells with material components (hence cantrips, 0 level spells are free). It is understood across Ailartsua that the entire party shares this cost with their casters. There is an exception for any and all spells dealing with bringing back the dead, for example: Raise Dead, Reincarnate, Resurrection, Revivify, etc. All such spells add the written component cost listed in the Player’s Handbook. All required materials can be purchased at any town sized or larger community. Rare materials may be hard to come by in smaller communities.
Shoving: Not allowed unless target is grappled.
Underwater: If creature doesn’t have swimming listed as its natural speed then all weapons are at a disadvantage. Player characters must have the “Mobile” feat to avoid disadvantage.

Location: Smoke free environment (inside and outside) at Dungeon Master's Home, Independence, KY
Attendence: Noon to 4pm sessions every other Sunday; accept or decline Facebook Events as soon as possible. Please be considerate to the group and make all possible sessions. Family-life always trumps gaming however, so if you are going to miss please let group know ASAP.
Food : Snacks and drinks will be provided. Occasionally if weather cooperates I will grill out as well. If more staple food is ordered everyone participating is expected to cover their part.
Calendar of events: Members can check acebook for official scheduled events. Please accept or decline all Facebook Event Invitations so group is aware of upcoming attendence.

Golden Rule: Everyone is expected to treat others with respect.
Inclusivity: Sessions should be inclusive; unless your solution to a challenge demands it, parties should make an effort to stay together. If party characters must split up then it is up to individual groups to regroup as soon as possible so that other players are not left waiting.
Final Jeopardy: ( Cue theme music ) Occasional challenges will have time limits to help keep the fantasy of danger and excitement alive. In these unique instances if the GM feels too much time is being spent deliberating on actions he may bump up enemies initiatives.
Come Prepared: Your DM puts many hours into preperation for the games each week. Please make sure you arrive with your characters leveled and ready to play. Familiarize yourself with all your character's capabilities. To enhance the experience for all at the table plan your characters actions during other's initiatives so game play continues smoothly.
Note: If minors are present profanity and adult topics will be avoided.

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