A D&D 5.0 Campaign by David Hoctor

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Campaign Rules

"The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules." ~Gary Gygax

Character Generation

Race, Class, Equipment, etc.: Limited to the Player's Handbook. Include Background, Personality and Flaw attributes.

Ability Scores: Point buy (27 points.)

Level: Characters start at level 3 (Characters in current running campaign are level 6). Max hit points at new levels.

Alignment: CG, NG, or LG only.

Starting Wealth: 100gp for character generation only! Characters will start adventure with only 4+1d6gp each so spend as much of the 100gp as able.
1 gold coin = 10 silver coins

Background Story: The player characters in the party should be role-played as: good, cooperative, loyal, life-long friends, with shared goals of becoming Heroes to the people... and should they gain wealth, fame and power along the way all the better! Any further background detail is up to Player's creativity and imagination!

If you don't own it yourself, I have Hero Lab to help create your character.

Resources: Character Sheet | Hoarfrost Invasion General Information | Maps

Miniatures/Supplies: CoolStuffInc.com | Reaper Miniatures

House Rules

Inspiration: DM may reward players inspiration dice for especially entertaining and/or clever roleplay, teamwork, and creative planning.

Experience: Experience Points are milestone based.

Disengage: If you are only character engaged with an enemy you can't avoid attack of opportunity.

Encumbrance: Size only, not weight. No coin weight.


  • Disarming attack: Held items do not include weapons (I know, right?)

Spell and Alchemical Components: The cost for any spell that contains an “M” component and no listed cost is 1gp per level per use (keep track and purchase when able.)


Location: Dungeon Master's Home, Independence, KY

Attendence: Noon to 4pm sessions every other Sunday, accept or decline Facebook Events as soon as possible. Please be considerate to the group and make all possible sessions. Family-life always trumps gaming however, so if you are going to miss please let group know ASAP.

Food: Snacks and drinks will be provided. If more staple food is ordered everyone participating is expected to cover their part.

Calendar of events: Members can check acebook for official scheduled events. Please accept or decline all Facebook Event Invitations so group is aware of upcoming attendence.


Golden Rule: Everyone is expected to treat others with respect.

Inclusivity: Sessions should be inclusive; unless your solution to a challenge demands it, parties should make an effort to stay together. If party characters must split up then it is up to individual groups to regroup as soon as possible so that other players are not left waiting.

Final Jeopardy: ( Cue theme music ) Occasional challenges will have time limits to help keep the fantasy of danger and excitement alive. In these unique instances if the GM feels too much time is being spent deliberating on actions he may bump up enemies initiatives.

Note: If minors are present profanity and adult topics will be avoided.

Our Adventure Gallery

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” ~ Oscar Wilde

About The Hoarfrost Invasion© Campaign

“Nothing burns like the cold.” ~George R.R. Martin


Childhood friends, who often spoke of traveling the world together, have once again reunited after being separated by years of training in their respective classes. Our intrepid adventurers have left their hidden village and set out toward the harbor town of Yendis, driven by dreams of adventure and riches.

What part will they play in slowing or halting the invasion threatening to imprison Ailartsua in ice?

  • Chapter 01: Reunited
  • Chapter 02: The Voice in Your Head
  • Chapter 03: Rat Race
  • Chapter 04: The Chase
  • Chapter 05: Keep Your Enemies Dead
  • Chapter 06: Don't Sweat it!
  • Chapter 07: Frost Bites!


Ailartsua: For a brief overview of religion, demographics, and geography: Hoarfrost Invasion General Information

Meet our Players

“Friendship takes fear from the heart” ~Mahabharata



Author / Game Master


Brian/Brocco Grimaldi

Halfling Rogue



Human Sorcerer


Tyler/Beleg Strongbow

Half-Elf Ranger


Rick/Xerxes Nosesong

Dwarf Barbarian


Stephen/Lord Gideon Justice

Human Paladin


Steve/Theo Ohly

Human Cleric



Human Druid



Dwarf Fighter



Leshy Rogue / Assistant Game Master



Half-Elf Sorcerer

Chronicles of our Journey

“The best way of successfully acting a part is to be it.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

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